Corporate Quiz Results - Vizag Steel regains Orissa


Vizag Steel - Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey


Vizag Steel - Rahul J and AGK Murthy

A year ago it was despair for Vizag Steel as they lost to two determined professors from XIMB. A year later it was their turn to leave the professors behind. What made the quiz even more interesting was the fact that three of the six finalists had been national finalists earlier and that made the contest even tougher.

A fairly tough prelim saw the following teams make it to the final…

  • Expo Biotech: SS Panda and Krishna Kumar
  • XIMB: Rajeev Roy and Subhasis Ray
  • Vizag Steel: Rahul J and AGK Murthy
  • Infosys: Souvik Mandal and Subrato Mukherjee
  • Vizag Steel: Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • Indian Oil Corporation: Nihar Ranjan Das and Anshuman Rath

The final started on a brisk note with the professors from XIMB and the two Vizag Steel teams getting off the mark early. Expo Bio, Infy and IOCL caught up in the second round as teams reflected flashes of brilliance astonishing both the quizmaster and the audience.

As the quiz moved into the buzzer rounds the questions from the world of Tatas were played with caution with teams not willing to take chances when they were not sure. At this stage all teams were running neck and neck with Pani and Dey just ahead by 5 points. In the lateral thinking round that followed, Pani and Dey produced amazing answers to break away from the rest.

In the final round the XIMB duo came up with a good first answer to set themselves up for a final assault. In the very next question, the Vizag Steel duo of Rahul and Murthy cracked a 15 pointer to get ahead of the professors and were just 10 points behind their colleagues from Vizag Steel with one question remaining.

In the final question the professors went for a 15 pointer but could not crack the question, while Pani and Dey took a ten pointer with ease to clinch the title again for their company. It was a double in the end as Rahul and Murthy, also from Vizag Steel, won the second place.

The guest of honour Mr.Venugopal ( IAS), the CMD of Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa urged the corporates to make the best use of the abundant opportunities they have these days.