Titan tall stand at Electronic City


Titan Company Ltd Himanish Mukherjee and Utkarsh Thakur

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Infosys Ltd Ravi Bhat and Abhilash S

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The technology outpost of Bangalore, namely the Electronic City and Hosur the manufacturing hub got its edition of the quiz this year. The prelim was a shade easier than what one normally witnesses at a Tata Crucible these days.The teams that made it to the final were:


  • Tejas Network: Utsuk Sharma and Vishwas N
  • SAIL (VISL): : Bhadravathi Kumar and Kuthalanathan
  • WIPRO: Adithya and Jasim
  • Titan Company Ltd: Himanish Mukherjee and Utkarsh Thakur
  • WIPRO: Sautav B and Priyambad Pattanayak
  • Infosys Ltd: Ravi Bhat and Abhilash S

The final saw former winner Wipro playing big strokes, to begin with. The team from Infosys was also quick to get on the scoreboard. It took a while for Titan to warm up and once they did, they came up with some brilliant answers.

The team from SAIL Bhadhravathi that had travelled all the way for the quiz did well in the prelim but could not find their touch in the final. The battle continued to be absorbing and close until the final question.

Titan held on to their leads to win, while Infosys did well to get past former champs Wipro to finish runner up. The guest of honour Mr. Sunil Deshpande, Head TCS Bangalore, appreciated the teams and spoke of the huge thrust the state was giving towards innovation and progress.