Corporate Quiz Results - The Indian Army wins Chandigarh


The Indian Army - Dr.Anurakshat Gupta and Dr.Bhattacharya


Idea Cellular - Himmath Singh and Dharmendra Singh

It was time to salute The Indian Army, only this time around it was for their excellence at a business quiz. Two doctors from the Indian Army stormed the Chandigarh final with a dominating performance. Earlier in the evening, a prelim led the following teams on stage.


  • National Academy for Audit and Accounts (Shimla): Dr.Sarin and Dr.Gaurav Kumar
  • Infosys: Rahul Koul and Raghavendra Mishra
  • Idea Cellular: Himmath Singh and Dharmendra Singh
  • The Indian Army: Dr.Anurakshat Gupta and Dr.Bhattacharya
  • GAIL: Akash and Shafi
  • MBA Saurabh Aggarwal and Rohan Batra

The final saw an even battle as teams made progress through the initial rounds of the quiz. It seemed a rather close battle till the penultimate round based on lateral thinking when the duo from the Indian Army cracked a few amazing posers to stamp their authority on the final.

Three teams MBA Crackers, Idea Cellular and Infosys were locked in a pitched battle for the runner up positions which was won by Idea but none of these teams could really challenge the onslaught of the Indian Army which topped with ease.

It was a record of sorts as two medical doctors made it to the national final for the time and it was also the first time that the Indian Army would be in the finale.