Corporate Quiz Results - TCS and Deutsche Bank rule Mumbai

It was a perfect Sunday evening for the intellectual community of Mumbai as they thronged in large numbers to the city edition of Tata Crucible. The excitement of the quiz was so high that it seemed like an entrance exam venue as one entered with corporates digging deep into their ‘notes’ and ‘study material’. The prelim set the tone for the quiz with some really interesting questions that tested one and all.

Tata Track Finalists

  • Tata Chemicals : Sanjeev Singh aand Preetham Kabra
  • Tata Chemicals : Mahes Brahme and Vishwas Savange
  • Tata Capital : Govind Grewal and Ms.Preeti Shanker
  • TCS: Pravin Varma and Ankit Sisodia
  • Tata Advanced Systems : Vivekdeep Gupta and Gaurav Kamat
  • TCS : Aniruddha Dutta and Priyambad Pattanayak

Non Tata Track Finalists

  • Deloitte : Siddhartha Banerjee and Ankush K Chakraborthy
  • Deutsche Bank : Rajiv Rai and Uttam Rao
  • IndusInd Bank : Vibhendu Tewari and Subhojit Chatterjee
  • Bharat Petroleum : Narayana Bhat and Rahul Kamble
  • Questa Software : Manish Tandon and Amit Pandeya
  • Axis Bank : Akhil Mathew and Krishnan S

The Tata track of the quiz was a thrilling battle of nerves and wits as Tata Capital got off to a quick start and seemed on course as TCS (Pravin and Ankit) joined the party and started scoring.

Starting a trifle late were the other TCS team (Aniruddha and Priyambad), who then showed great resolve as guts on the buzzer to not just gain lost ground but to force themselves into a massive lead and thereafter a comfortable victory. It came down to the final question for the other teams to decide the runner up as Pravin and Ankit took the initiative on the buzzer and won the second place.

The non Tata track started on a different note with Deutsche Bank with Rajiv Rai and Uttam Rao displaying great alacrity and solidity as they rode away to a huge lead in the first couple of rounds to just allow the others to play catch up. While other teams seemed to let go of the top slot soon with Deutsche Bank looking too good on the day, the battle for the second place became very interesting and absorbing. With four teams in the hunt it went from one question to another with each score tilting the equilibrium till Deloitte held their own to get past the others to the runner up title.

The guest of honour Mr.Ravi Pisharody, President Commerical Vehicles Business, Tata Motors applauded the teams on their high levels of intellect and wished them well for their future.


Results(Tata Track)

  • WINNER: TCS – Aniruddha Dutta and Priyambad Pattanayak
  • RUNNER UP: TCS – Pravin Varma and Ankit Sisodia

Results(Non Tata Track)

  • WINNER: Deutsche Bank – Rajiv Rai and Uttam Rao
  • RUNNER UP: Deloitte – Siddhartha Banerjee and Ankush K Chakraborthy