Corporate Quiz Results - Satyamitra Trading win Indore


Satyamitra Trading : Giriraj & Sourabh P

Runner Up

Mittal Appliances : Ankit Mittal & Parul Dawar

Over 50 teams participated in the Indore edition of Tata Crucible. A fairly workable prelim saw the following six teams make it to the final.

The following teams made it to the final from the prelim.

  • L&T Case Equipment: Ashish & Himanshu
  • Cerebral Heights : Girish & Deepika
  • Impetus Infotech : Ankit Gupta & Dheeraj Bhansal
  • Adsar Hydraulics : Tarang & Anant
  • Mittal Appliances : Ankit Mittal & Parul Dawar
  • Satyamitra Trading : Giriraj & Sourabh P

The final witnessed a very close fight with all teams playing a rather cautious game. The first two rounds of the quiz was rather even and then came the buzzers which saw a few very good answers from Mittal Appliances while team Satyamitra held on their score of the first two rounds.

The final two rounds of the quiz witnessed a lot of action with Cerebral Heights and Adsar Hydraulics cracking a few tough posers to move closer to the leading team Satyamitra. The final round that followed was even more dramatic with teams not taking a chance on the buzzer with the first two questions but on the final one the Mittals went for a 15 pointer and got it right on the first attempt to surge into second spot just a fraction of 5 point behind the champions Satyamitra.

Satyamitra from its end did nothing silly and held on to their lead to win the title and make it to the national final of the quiz.