Indore – RS Power takes Indore

WINNER: RS Power Solutions

Apoorv K and Ms.Ashwini Karandikar

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RUNNER UP: Shiksha Content

Ms.Shubhangi Vaidya and Ashish Vaidya

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The sky seems to have cleared up for Crucible was a remark one of the contestants made as we walked into the venue. 81 teams from across industry sectors like Education, Auto, Banking, Manufacturing, Trading etc were present at the 10 edition of the quiz. A well balanced prelim led to the following finalists.

  • Mittal Appliances : Ms.Neha Mittal and Ankit Mittal
  • CH Institute of Mgmt : Sumeet Maru and Pankaj Jain
  • Shiksha Content : Ms.Shubhangi Vaidya and Ashish Vaidya
  • Connekt Technologies : Tarang and Vikas Pamnani
  • Cummins Turbo : Aditya Desai and Zaifinul Hussain
  • RS Power Solutions: Apoorv K and Ms.Ashwini Karandikar

The quiz was a very close tussle between all the teams. The professors from CH Institute took the early lead with Siksha closing in on them soon. As the quiz moved swiftly from one round to another the duo from RS Power came in with some really good answers as did Connekt and Mittal to make the quiz eventful and unpredictable.

The nerves kept running into the subsequent rounds as well and finally in the last round it was Siksha leading the quiz with four teams chasing them. On the final question, RS Power which was just behind them took the plunge on the buzzer and got past by a whisker to clinch the title.

The guest of honour Mr.Chrishansen, Global Head Tata International Limited said “He was amazed with India and the knowledge people had and was trying to catch up”.