Corporate Quiz Results - Rourkela Steel tops Ranchi


Rourkela Steel - SS Panda and S.Mishra


SAIL Ranchi - Srimant K Mallick and Sidhartha Shekar Das

“The smaller cities have bigger battles” quipped quizmaster Pickbrain as he summarized a high quality Ranchi final that witnessed the following six teams making it the final after a well balanced prelim.

  • Bokaro Steel: Dababrata Chowdhury and CRK Sudhanshu
  • SAIL Ranchi: Srimant K Mallick and Sidhartha Shekar Das
  • Rourkela Steel: Ravi Banjare and Debajit Rabha
  • BErickson India: Rajiv Ranjan and Arunav Biswas
  • Bokaro Steel: Anand Raj and Amit Anand
  • Rourkela Steel: SS Panda and S.Mishra

The final line up had the major steel giants of the region all on stage. As the game began, all teams started with high voltage answers especially SAIL Ranchi and Rourkela Steel (SS Panda and S.Mishra). The Bokaro teams quickly moved into the battle and by the time the buzzers came into play we had three teams on par with Rourkela ahead.

The quiz moved into the buzzer rounds and other Rourkela team of Ravi Banjare and Debajit Rabha who were the champions a year ago, did very well to bounce back on the Tata round but could not sustain the momentum or find the touch they were in a year ago.

SAIL Ranchi were moving up steadily with Rourkela (SS Panda and S.Mishra) playing the waiting game having managed a good lead but the SAIL Ranchi duo decided to settle for the second spot and thought it wise to take home Rs.35,000 rather than be adventurous trying to win the quiz and loose it all. Rourkela Steel represented by SS Panda and S.Mishra won playing the game well.

At the end of the day, one truly felt amazed at the outstanding level of quizzing displayed by the teams and sure enough vowed for themselves to do better a year later..