Reliance Jio tops Navi Mumbai


Reliance Jio: Aaquib Hossain and Smriti Gupta

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Aditya Birla Retail: Sourav Das and Tauseef Warsi

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A quick preliminary on a Monday evening set the tone for the Navi Mumbai edition of the quiz. The finalists ranged from new companies to seasoned regulars.


  • RELIANCE JIO : Aaquib Hossain and Smriti Gupta
  • ADITYA BIRLA RETAIL: Sourav Das and Tauseef Warsi
  • TCS: Janet Fredrick and B Haniel
  • GUILTFREE: Harsha Shah and Piyush Sharma
  • CAPGEMINI : Ruchit V and Raulter Fernandez
  • IDEAFORGE : Shubhankar G and Kashief Khan

The final was an interesting battle with Capgemini and Aditya Birla doing well early on. During the middle phases of the quiz, Reliance Jio rallied well to get on par with these teams.

In a nervous battle that followed, Jio scored at crucial stages to get ahead and win their first title. In a close tussle for the second spot Aditya Birla prevailed over Capgemini and the other teams.

The guest of honour Mr. Chaitanya Sathe of TCS spoke of the need to stick to gaining knowledge and not worry as it would come handy someday.