Corporate Quiz Results - Mjunction and Vizag Steel win Kolkata

Mjunction and Vizag Steel win Kolkata

If there is ever a weather report for a quiz this would have been the worst one. Incessant rains with gutsy winds, a cold afternoon and to cap it all some people had the venue details wrong. None of all this deterred a quiz crazy Kolkata audience as they turned out in large numbers for their edition of Crucible.

Consistency of a completely different order was on display as both the defending champion teams from the internal and external tracks of the quiz sailed into the national finals.

The finalists in the Tata Track were

  • TCS: Sudip Kalyan Dev & Abhisheek Das
  • Virgin Mobile: Sanjay Anand & Ankur Golchha
  • TCS: Anindya Bhatacharjee & Subrata Das
  • TCS: Sabyasachi Chandra & Bishwabijoy Sen
  • MJunction Sevices: Debashish Mukherjee & Subhashish Dey
  • TCS: Rathindra Ranjan Chetia & Rajneesh Kumar

The final of the internal track was an absorbing battle as it went right into the final round with four time champion TCS (Sabyasachi Chandra and Bishwabijoy Sen) attempting a fifth national final attempt to stopped by defending champions mjunction (Debashish Mukherjee and Subhashish Dey) on the final question of the quiz. In a tie breaker that followed for the second spot team TCS (Sudip Kalyan Dev and Abhisheek Das) scored past Virgin Mobile to emerge runner up.

The finalists in the non Tata Track were

  • Cognizant: Prashnik Nag & Sounaak Chakrabarti
  • The Telegraph: Devdan Mitra & Rishin Chatterjee
  • Vizag Steel: J Rahul & AGK Murthy
  • Reserve Bank of India: Netaji & Hari Prasad Patnaik
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Pratik Bhor & Shubendu Roy
  • Electro Zavod: Jayashree Mohanka & Lalit Mohanka

The external track of the quiz for non Tata companies witnessed a fairly close battle for the first four rounds but in the final round it was a really consistent Vizag Steel (J Rahul and AGK Murthy) answering some tough posers to get past The Telegraph (Devdan Mitra and Rishin Chatterjee) who sure would believe they missed a few chances this year.

It was a rare occasion when both the tracks of the quiz witnessed the defending champions hold their own and win yet again.

Results (Tata Track)

  • Winners: MJUNCTION: Debashish Mukherjee and Subhashish Dey
  • Runner Up: TCS: Sudip Kalyan Dev and Abhisheek Das

Results (Non Tata Track)

  • Winners: VIZAG STEEL: J Rahul and AGK Murthy
  • Runner Up: THE TELEGRAPH: Devdan Mitra and Rishin Chatterjee