Corporate Quiz Results - Indore

Sun shines at Indore
Indore, Sep 18, 2008: Sun Microsystems represented by Vishwajit and Mitesh Agarwal registered a convincing win at the Indore final of Tata Crucible. It was noteworthy that the team had finished second a year ago and had lost in the final round of the quiz. The prelim, this year, witnessed close to 50 corporate teams taking part and the six finalists were.

Hindustan Unilever Limited – Pradeep Ramarathnam & Aalap Sharma
Vizag Steel – Ravi Chand & Rahul Kumar
West Discom – Mahendra Singh Chauhan & Shobhit Saxena
CSC – Pradeep Kumar & Anirudha Yadav
Sun Microsystems– Vishwajit and Mitesh Agarwal
PT Education – Ashish Vaidya & Sanjay Likhdhari

The final began with Sun Microsystems taking an early lead, but as the quiz moved into the second and third rounds, the team from Vizag Steel and PT Education made significant progress to push Sun Microsystems down to the third position.

The buzzer rounds that followed proved to be absorbing with teams taking calculative risks to move ahead. PT Education and Vizag did well to crack a couple but Sun Microsystems was the team that moved into the lead with some razor sharp answers.

The final round was more of arithmetic than quizzing as teams were having a close watch on the scores and did not want to take unnecessary negatives. Sun Microsystems answered only when they were doubly sure to ensure they win this time around while PT Education had a golden chance on the final question to take a shot at the runner up prize but went for the wrong answer resulting in Vizag Steel winning the runner up title.

At the end of event, on being asked what impressed him the most, quizmaster Pickbrain observed ‘The enthusiasm and answers by the college students in the hall, impressed me. It is good for the future of Indore quizzing”. Bravo young Indore!