Guwahati – Pioneer and Partners excel at Guwahati


Pioneers and Partners - Syed Burhanur Rahman and Shah Syed Rahman

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NTPC - Sujit Varkey and P Sengupta

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High quality quizzing was on display at Guwahati as teams battled with one another at the regional finale of Crucible. A brisk 20 question prelim led to the following teams making it to the finale.

  • Pioneers and Partners : Syed Burhanur Rahman and Shah Syed Rahman
  • Assam State Electricity Board : Arnav Chakraborty and Bhaskar Chakraborty
  • Army Medical Corps : Dr.S.Bhattacharya and Dr.Pankaj
  • Sahaj E Village : Syed Murtaza Adil and Jayanta Thakuria
  • NTPC : Sujit Varkey and P Sengupta
  • Q Factor : Maharnav and Chiranjit Gam

The final was a tense and close affair with the Army Doctors taking the lead early on with NTPC and the lawyers from Pioneers and Partners following them. It seemed close through the initial rounds and in the first buzzer round, NTPC took several negatives to fall back while the lawyers did not risk much.

In the subsequent rounds the lawyers moved further ahead and then started playing a tactical defense while the Army Doctors tried to move ahead but could not do so beyond a point. In the end the lawyers were the champs while a tie between NTPC which regained ground in the final round and the doctors resulted in the former winning the runner up title.