Corporate Quiz Results - Ahmedabad – Endeavor Careers impress Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad – Endeavor Careers impress Ahmedabad


Endeavor Careers - Kushan Patel and Meghashyam Shirodkar

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Ahmedabad – Endeavor Careers impress Ahmedabad


Petronet LNG - Mohitraj and Sashwat Omar

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“You may have just seen the next national champion in action” thundered Pickbrain in his customary style in appreciation of the amazing performance by the young duo of Kushan Patel and Meghashyam Shirodkar, who scored an incredible 115 points.

  • Thermax : Aanand Ladgaonkar and Nikhil Shah
  • Gujrat Gas (GGCL) : Sumit Bengali and Kaushik Ghosh
  • Petronet LNG : Mohitraj and Sashwat Omar
  • Vodafone : Susim Mohanty and Nikhil Soni
  • Triton Communication : Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana
  • Endeavor Careers : Kushan Patel and Meghashyam Shirodkar

The quiz started with Thermax, Triton and GGCL into an early lead while Petronet and Endeavor followed quickly. As the first phase got over, it was Petronet in the lead with all the others right behind in a huddle.

The next couple of rounds saw the unimaginable unfold as Kushan and Meghashyam went about cracking question after question in clinical style leaving the others what hit them. They went from strength to strength and impressed everyone including the opponents with their preparation, speed and confidence. Such was their domination that they amassed a whopping 115 points prompting the quizmaster to comment “If they perform at 50% of this level they will be national champions this year”.

The second place battle seemed interesting but Petronet handled it well to finish runner up. The guest of honour Abhijit Kishore, COO, Tata Teleservices Gujarat appreciated the teams for the amazing performance and gave away the prizes.