Corporate Quiz Results - Cognizant and TCS win Pune

Pune witnessed one of the best Tata Crucible’s with a standard and a set of teams that left everyone spellbound. The very fact that over 100 teams turned out despite the heavy rains underlined the passion for Crucible in this city.

The six finalists in the Tata Track.

  • Advinus Therapeutics: Suraj Menon & Sushant Dusange
  • Tata Motors: Sreejith & Narayanan
  • TIFR: Arka Banerjee & Arnab Bhattacharya
  • TCS: Sowmya Ramaswamy & Sachin Lodha
  • Tata Motors: Ashish Sharma & Harshad
  • Tata Administrative Services: Gaurav Kamath & Swetha Vigraham

In an amazing final all the teams fought hard for the top honours till the final round. Eventually TIFR finished third while Tata Motors (Sreejith and Narayanan) and TCS (Sowmya Ramaswamy and Sachin Lodha) fought a long drawn tie breaker where the latter emerged the Pune champion. The quizmaster however applauded the effort of the young Tata Motors team and urged them to come back a year from now to win the contest.

This was followed by the non Tata track of the quiz. The finalists were:

  • Schlumberger: Chandramouli and Harsh Tayal
  • Cognizant: Harish Kumar and Ramanand
  • QED Baton: Nikhil Motlag and Tejas Kulkarni
  • IBM: Suresh Nambiar and Ramanathan
  • Cognizant: Gagan Jain and Saurab Goel
  • Mastek: Sarvesh and Harshavardhan A

The non Tata track was a complete thriller with teams battling for every single point. QED Baton and Cognizant represented by Gagan Jain and Saurab Goel did maintain a lead over the others in the early rounds but Mastek and IBM came back into the quiz during the buzzer rounds.

At the end of a scintillating final team Cognizant (Gagan and Saurab) prevailed over QED Baton who finished runner up. The guest of honour Mr.Srinivasa Addepalli Sr.VP Corp Strategy, Tata Communications gave away the prizes to all the top teams.

Results (Tata Track)

  • Winners: TCS – Sowmya Ramaswamy and Sachin Lodha
  • Runner Up: Tata Motors – Sreejith and Narayanan

  • Results (Non Tata Track)

    • Winners: Cognizant – Gagan Jain and Saurab Goel
    • Runner Up: QED Baton – Nikhil Motlag and Tejas Kulkarni