Bhubaneswar – XIMB rules at Orissa


Priyanka Mehra & Hemant Sharma

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RUNNER UP : Nalanda Institute of Technology

Gary Thomas & Rajesh Kumar

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Over 250 teams for a business quiz was unheard of at Bhubaneswar till this edition of Tata Crucible. Students from all over the state took part in this event in large numbers underlining the growing interest and passion for business information in this state.

The prelim saw 16 teams qualify to the next round titled the ‘Super Over’ where the top six teams were identified.


  • XIMB : Priyanka Mehra & Hemant Sharma
  • DSBM Utkal University : Praneet Rao & Gurudutt P
  • Utkal University : Pinky and Ayesha
  • Nalanda Institute of Technology : Gary Thomas & Rajesh Kumar
  • ITER : Amit Mohanty & Sandeep Kumar
  • Silicon Institute of Technology : Kaushik & Ravi Rajan

The new format of the quiz ensured the final was gripping, fast and exciting as teams battled to score fours and sixes and deploy power plays at the right time. The first couple of overs went to the girls from Utkal University but with all the teams not too far behind one did get a sense of a close fight.

The middle overs of the match witnessed the girls lose points as the duo from NIT moved ahead to lead the quiz. The final overs witnessed a calm and composed duo from XIMB march past the rest to clinch a clinical victory.

Teams who were part of the audience won several prizes as Bhubaneswar emerged on the quizzing map as a powerful contender.