Trichy – Sastra clinch Trichy on final question

WINNER : Sastra University

Sudharshan and Pranav

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RUNNER UP : Sastra University

Sridhar and Visaka Simhan

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“Campus Crucible is like a T-20 World Cup match”, said one of the finalists at Trichy reflecting on the twists and turns one witnessed at the city edition of the quiz before a young duo from Sastra University clinched the title on a final question bang on the buzzer. Earlier in the afternoon, the National College auditorium saw a huge turnout of 198 teams from colleges across the region, followed by the prelim leading to the final six after a wildcard round.


  • Sastra University : Sridhar and Visaka Simhan
  • IIM Trichy : Ms. Divya Manyala and Shishir Bhat
  • Sastra University : Sudharshan and Pranav
  • BIM Trichy : Vinyith and Asim Ayaz
  • NIT Trichy : Nithish and Varun
  • Sastra University : Venkatasubramaniam and Abhinav

The final started on a swift note with the duo of Sridhar and Visaka taking an early lead only for IIM-T to catch up and move neck to neck. As the quiz transcended briskly from one interesting round to another the teams deployed different tactics to catch up with the leaders.

With one round to go the Sastra duo of Sridhar and Visaka were on par with IIM represented by Divya and Shishir but having trailed these two teams right through the quiz the Sastra duo of Sudharshan and Pranav decided to give it a go and came up with a brilliant answer on the penultimate question to get close to both these teams. On the final question they went for a huge gambit 15 pointer and got it right to take the title in thrilling fashion.

Quizmaster Pickbrain was quick to draw a parallel to the famous Javed Miandad six off the last ball aptly summarizing the battle. The other two teams IIM-T and Sastra (Sridhar and Visaka) fought a tie breaker which the latter won. The champions now move to the zonal final at Bangalore in March.