Nagpur – VNIT win Nagpur in style


VNIT - Abhilash Mankar and Mukund Srinivasan

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Runner Up

IGNOU - Aman Mishra and Vishwaroop K

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Over a 100 teams and the auditorium at VNIT Nagpur was brimming with youngsters from colleges across the city. A fairly tough set of 20 questions set the stage for the afternoon as six teams made it to the final.


  • VNIT : Abhilash Mankar and Mukund Srinivasan
  • Dr. Ambedkar College of Law: Ashwin Rang and Mohseen Akbani
  • VNIT: Shantanu and Karthik
  • SRCOEM: Anuj Agarwal and Sameer Ramesh
  • IGNOU: Aman Mishra and Vishwaroop K
  • VNIT: Ms. Rucha and Ms. Sreelakshmi

The early ‘overs’ of the quiz saw the VNIT team of Abhilash and Mukund race ahead of the rest in what the quizmaster described akin to a Gayle storm. As the quiz moved on, the other teams started scoring as well.

After the next couple of ‘overs’, the SRC team and IGNOU moved ahead and the latter were soon within one answer of the VNIT team who had now taken a negative to make matters worse for themselves. The quiz was tantalisingly poised as it moved in to the ‘slog over’.

The VNIT team of Abhilash and Mukund decided to take the challenge head on rather than play a wait and watch game going for half chances that paid off and ensured they won final in style. The IGNOU team finished a credible runner up.

The guest of honour, Dr.Narendra Chaudhari, Director, VNIT Nagpur compared the quiz to life ahead and advised the students drawing a parallel to the quiz buzzers saying “You don’t give up because you took a negative on the buzzer, similarly in life you don’t let go because something did not go right. Keep at it and you will win.”