Nagpur – RCOEM take Nagpur in style

Champions, RCOEM - Abhishek Pal and Aditya Morarka

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Runner Up, VNIT - Suchith KC and Gaurav D

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The Nagpur edition of the quiz was full of energy and action from the word go. As close to 150 teams battled in the prelim which seemed a lot tougher than a few other cities that the quiz has gone to so far. Teams that made it to the final from the wild card were from VNIT and Govt. Medical College.

The finalists at Nagpur were:

  • Tirpude College of Business : Jatin N and Anurag Nair
  • RCOEM: Abhishek Pal and Aditya Morarka
  • VNIT : Pranjal M and Pawan Pawaar
  • NPTI: Gaurav Deshmukh and Rajat Maurya
  • VNIT : Suchith KC and Gaurav D
  • Govt. Medical College: Abhijeet and Alok

The finale started with RCOEM and VNIT represented by Pranjal and Pawan getting off to aggressive starts while the other teams took a while to warm up. As the quiz progressed the Tirpude team did try making headway and succeeded in part but lost out on a few questions as well. In the rounds that followed the duo from the other VNIT team on stage (Suchith and Gaurav) did well to keep scoring at regular intervals but were still trailing RCOEM which was playing cautiously but intelligently.

As the quiz looked headed to a nervous finish the RCOEM duo closed the battle with some good strikes. A late surge by the doctors in the making did rattle the VNIT duo a bit but they stayed calm to clinch the runner up title. It was observed that RCOEM which finally won, had been the runner up for the last two years in a row.

The guest of honour, Dr. Ingle the Dean of VNIT Nagpur, urged the youngsters to learn from the winners that setbacks (like they had in the last two years) can be the trigger to success.


  • WINNER : RCOEM – Abhishek Pal and Aditya Morarka
  • RUNNER UP : VNIT – Suchith KC and Gaurav D