Jalandhar – LPU prevail in Punjab


Lovely University - Chandra Bhushan and Ravi Kumar Rai

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Runner Up

NIT Jalandhar - Sujit JP and Sandeep K

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Sharp minds from campuses across the state of Punjab battled through an interesting prelim set by the quizmaster Pickbrain. The finalists who made it from the prelim were:

The finalists were:

  • Lovely University: Chandra Bhushan and Ravi Kumar Rai
  • Arya College Ludhiana: Vishesh and Sangam
  • Aurobindo College Ludhiana: Shivam M and Pankaj Chopra
  • Lovely University: Shubham and Amit
  • NIT Jalandhar: Sujit JP and Sandeep K
  • Lovely University: Perminder Singh and Ramjot M

The final was a three way battle initially with two LPU teams and one NIT team scoring well. As the questions flowed at swift pace, so did the answers and soon it was NIT in the lead with the LPU teams trailing them.

The LPU duo of Chandra Bhushan and Ravi Kumar Rai then started playing aggressive and took half chances that paid off and got them into the lead. NIT in the meantime played smart and did not take any negatives, effectively increasing their chances of staying in the battle.

The other LPU team of Shubham and Amit did well in bursts but could not sustain the momentum to challenge the top two teams. The LPU duo of Chandra Bhushan and Ravi Kumar Rai held on to their lead, despite some brave hits in the end by the NIT team, who had to settle for the runner up position behind LPU.

The guest of honour Mr. Ashok Kumar Mittal, Chancellor, LPU, had a simple and profound advice for the youngsters “Be sincere in whatever you do” he said. Perhaps, that is what made the LPU team win the day as they sure showed great sincerity.