Navi Mumbai – ITM triumph at Navi Mumbai


Aritra C and Aditya

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RUNNER UP : SIES College of Management

Aditya and Sudarshan R

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An unlikely drizzle before the quiz at Navi Mumbai was no deterrent to the teams from the vicinity to take part in the 10 edition of the quiz with great enthusiasm and zest. The quiz was hosted at the ITM Navi Mumbai campus and the students were keen from the word go. A quick but tricky prelim led to the final six teams from across colleges.


  • SIES College of Management : Aditya and Sudarshan R
  • IIM Indore Mumbai Campus : Ms.Anuradha and Sayandip B
  • ITM : Aritra C and Aditya
  • DMC Navi Mumbai : Sagar and Prathamesh
  • ITM: Arpit and Ms.Moumita
  • ITM: Pulkit and Himanshu

Quizmaster Pickbrain started the final with his volley of interesting questions and soon enough the duo of Aritra and Aditya from ITM were underway cracking the posers with relative ease. As the quiz moved from one round to another, the other teams started scoring as well but the lead still stayed with these two well prepared quizzers.

In the final round which was tense especially for the second spot was fought with great earnestness while Aritra and Aditya consolidated further to clinch the title on the one hand, on the other it was a brilliant risk on the final question that gave SIES the runner up title.

The winners, ITM Navi Mumbai, will now qualify to the West Zone final.