Ghaziabad – Noida : IMT top Ghaziabad with comfort

WINNER : IMT Ghaziabad

Neelesh Gupta and Abhilash Mankar

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RUNNER UP : Shiv Nadar University

Siddharth Rao and Visrudh V.

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Over a 100 teams and the stage was set for the Ghaziabad edition. It is a place that has produced multiple national champions in the past, with institutes that have a strong quizzing culture. The prelim as expected was a notch higher but the teams braced it with ease. The finalists who qualified were:


  • Shiv Nadar University : Siddharth Rao and Visrudh V.
  • IMT Ghaziabad : Manmohan and Pradhyumna Bhat
  • ZHCET, AMU : Shakeel Ridwan and Omkar Bhatnagar
  • Amity University : Pragati and Astitva
  • IMT Ghaziabad : Neelesh Gupta and Abhilash Mankar
  • IMT Ghaziabad : Saurabh M and Karthik R

The final witnessed the defending champions from Shiv Nadar University get to an early lead and were quickly challenged by the IMT duo of Manmohan and Pradhyumna. The other IMT team of Neelesh and Abhilash were trailing third at this stage.

As the quiz moved on the Neelesh, Abhilash duo started to claw their way back with some really good answers and half chances that they converted into ‘crubits’. While the Shiv Nadar team tried to bounce back they could cross Neelesh and Abhilash who kept scoring consistently.

Attempts to bounce back by the ITM team of Saurabh and Karthik looked promising for a bit but they could not sustain the momentum. Finally, the defending champs had to settle for the runner up slot with Neelesh and Abhilash, winning the title for IMT.

Dr.Atish Chattopadyay, Director, IMT-G spoke of the importance of having fun in whatever one does and to “live life with the right values, like the Tata Group to leave a legacy”.