Coimbatore – PSG Tech clinch Coimbatore


PSG Tech - Pragadeeshwaran and Sanjay Seetharaman

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Runner Up

Hindustan College of Arts - Sanjay and Roshan Krishna

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The Coimbatore game of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible was played at the Vivanta by Taj Surya. The match had over 500 people playing the prelim. Hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, the prelim was tough, but she was, as always, helpful with her clues. The top teams that made it were:

Super Over

  • Hindustan College of Arts :Sanjay and Roshan Krishna
  • IIT Pallakad :Ankit Singh and Rajath Rajeev
  • Amrita School of Engg :Siddharth and Ms.Keerthana
  • Amrita University :Rajasekar and Sudharshan
  • PSG Tech :Kavin and Vishnu
  • Amrita School of Engg :Satya Narayanan and Lakshmanan


  • PSG Tech :Pragadeeshwaran and Sanjay Seetharaman
  • Hindustan College of Arts :Sanjay and Roshan Krishna
  • Kumaraguru College :Guru Prasad and Nithyaprakash
  • VIT Vellore :Shivansh and Krishnamurthy
  • IIT Pallakad :Ankit Singh and Rajath Rajeev
  • PSG Inst. Of Medical Sciences :Tharun and Saransh

In the final, quizmaster Pickbrain took charge and set the pace for the final. In a battle that saw all the teams do well early on, it was more of nerves and guts that determined who would move ahead. Hindustan College with three sixes looked all set to win.

As the quiz progressed PSG Tech kept scoring but chose to play the threes and the odd six to get past Hindustan College. The latter played well but fell one or two hits short of PSG duo that went on to win the quiz.

Quizmaster Pickbrain pointed out that the winning team was very young and barely out of class 12 into their graduation, indicating a great future pool for the quiz.