Amritsar – NIT-J triumph at Amritsar

Champions, NIT Jalandar: Milind Sharma and Sujit Patil

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Runner Up, Lovely Professional Univ: Balvir Soni and Ms.Kunika Negi

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The campus edition of Crucible at the city of the Golden Temple had several golden moments before NIT romped home to a wonderful victory. Over a 100 students battled through the prelim which seemed to be easy but had its share of tricky questions that got the teams into a spot of bother.

The finalists were:

  • GNDU: Akhilesh Jain and Siddharth Attri
  • CKD-IMT: Kunwar Ujjwal and Ms. Niharika
  • GNDU: Swar Grover and Aryan Singh
  • NIT Jalandar: Milind Sharma and Sujit Patil
  • Lovely Professional Univ: Balvir Soni and Ms.Kunika Negi
  • GNDU: Manish Kumar and Ashish S

The finale was a very close battle to begin with, as all the teams answered the initial rounds with equal ease. The quiz moved into the early buzzers and it was Kunika and Balvir from Lovely University who got ahead and moved past all the others. GNDU (Swar Grover and Aryan) went for the buzzer one too many times and negated all the gains they had with some hasty strikes. CKD did answer some quality questions but surely needed to do more on the buzzer.

The team that held its own was NIT though they kept trailing Lovely Univ by a couple of points across rounds. It was interesting with these two teams playing neck and neck that both of them chose to stay quite in the Analytical round, a decision that might haunt Lovely University. The final round saw a big strike by NIT and they that propelled them into the lead. They consolidated further with one more strike and quickly closed the quiz not given much room to the Lovely University duo who had to settle for the runner up title as NIT marched ahead to the Delhi zonals.


  • WINNER : NIT Jalandar – Milind Sharma and Sujit Patil
  • RUNNER UP : ITM, Lovely Professional Univ – Balvir Soni and Ms.Kunika Negi