Ahmedabad – MICA tops at Ahmedabad

Champions, MICA - Kaushik.S & Ms.Sania Narulkar

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Runner Up, Inst.of Mgmt - Nirma University : Karan Chawla & Vipul Yadav

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Simply Brilliant is a phrase quizmaster Pickbrain often uses while appreciating a good answer. In the context of the Ahmedabad final this would be appropriate to use as a description for the entire final. High energy levels, answers with great intensity, a battle that went right down to the final question leaving everyone at the venue including Pickbrain asking for more.

The finalists were:

  • Inst.of Mgmt – Nirma University : Karan Chawla & Vipul Yadav
  • IIM-A : Aniket & Sharat
  • Nirma Inst of Tech : Siddharth & Mayank
  • NID : Ashoka Prem & Ms.Sandhya Ramachandran
  • MICA : Kaushik.S & Ms.Sania Narulkar
  • MICA : Ms.Navia Shetty & Kunal.B

The final started with all teams getting off the block early, setting the tone for a tight contest. IIM-A started well and were quickly onto 15 runs leading the quiz with MICA (Kaushik and Sania) just behind at 14.

The round on the world of Tatas saw the defending champions from the Inst. of Mgmt Nirma University crack two sixes in quick succession to reach 20 while MICA (Kaushik and Sania) had moved up to 23.

The next couple of rounds saw a pitched battle between all the teams Nirma Inst. of Tech also scored quickly but could not sustain the onslaught while the IIM duo came up with a stunning answer to move to 27, the brilliance though a little too late for them to get closer to Inst. of Mgmt Nirma University or MICA (Kaushik and Sania) who were clearly battling for the top spot by now.

The final ball of the match was the decider as Kaushik and Sania held on to their nerve to get past Karan and Vipul the 2010 champs at the same venue. MICA not only made it to the national final, the number of teams from the college that made it on stage indicated the market suaveness of the institute.


  • WINNER : MICA – Kaushik.S & Ms.Sania Narulkar
  • RUNNER UP : Inst.of Mgmt – Nirma University : Karan Chawla & Vipul Yadav