Corporate Quiz Results - Mudra triumph at Ahmedabad


Mudra Communications - Anashneel Dasgupta & Shekhar Pandey

Runner Up

Triton Communications - Mahesh Manjawala & Mayur Rana

The Ahmedabad edition of Tata Crucible was a complete blockbuster. Six superb teams, a packed auditorium filled with quiz enthusiasts and a quizmaster with a never ending volley of questions. A very interesting prelim for the 49 teams led to the following six teams qualifying to the final.

  • Vodafone Essar: Rajeev Ganesh and Pankaj Chaturvedi
  • Can Immigration Services: Gaurav Thakrar and Kushal Patel
  • Mudra Communications: Anashneel Dasgupta and Shekhar Pandey
  • Kotak Mahindra: Ashit Sharma and Samrat Mukherjee
  • Triton Communications: Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana
  • Vodafone Essar: Hemang G and Susim M

The quiz final was a complete see-saw battle with a different team leading after each round. If CAN Immigration started well it was Kotak Mahindra which strode forward a little later before Triton dominated for a while and finally Mudra came up with some truly fantastic answers to get even with the rest as the quiz moved into its final phase.

The buzzer on the lateral thinking round proved to be the tipping point and Mudra backed themselves to take a few calculative risks that paid off and got them ahead of the rest. Kotak Mahindra and Triton were battling neck and neck to the final question before team Triton decided to take the initiative on the final question by pushing the dreaded buzzer.

A pause from the quizmaster sent shivers down every spine before he said ‘They got it right’ and the senior duo from Triton would finish runner up. Team Mudra stayed calm in the final round to ensure they did not take any negatives and that was good enough for them to win the title.

Colonel Naveen Bhasin, COO Gujarat Circle Tata Teleservices, the guest of honour, gave away the prizes.