Monitor Deloitte make it from Trivandrum


Monitor Deloitte Ms. Arpita Shetty and Nikhil Nayak

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SBI Sreekanth Nair and Bobbin Jacob

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The sprawling TCS campus at Trivandrum played host to the Kerala edition of the quiz. Given that the city hosts many young trainees the youthful crowd was keen like a college crowd for the quiz to unfold. After a snappy prelim, the six teams that made it to the final included:


  • Monitor Deloitte: Ms. Arpita Shetty and Nikhil Nayak
  • SBI : Sreekanth Nair and Bobbin Jacob
  • LIC: Ajith and Ajimon
  • TCS: Unnikrishnan and Gopalkrishnan
  • UST Global: Vivek Raj and Nikhil Raj
  • RBI: Vineeth Mohan and Appu

The final of the quiz was swift and tense. Even before the game began it was a surprise for many to see two-time champions from Kerala Public Commission not make it to the final. A couple of regular finalists also missed out on a prelim that needed a lot of thinking rather than recalling.

All the teams started scoring early and exercised caution as well, ensuring everyone was in the battle. It was SBI and RBI that were moving forward steadily with Deloitte playing well but not in the lead.

Towards the middle phase and the last set of posers the duo from Deloitte played well and were able to get past the rest. They took a crucial negative giving SBI an outside chance but SBI having come very close to winning could not get one or two more answers that would have got them the title.

The chief guest Mr. Damodar Padhi, Vice President and Global Head Talent Development, TCS spoke of how knowledge should be accumulated from everywhere and not just in learning environments while giving away the prizes.