Corporate Quiz Results - Cluster 5 : Adicent Designs cruises on

Cluster 5 : Adicent Designs cruises on


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Cluster 5 : Adicent Designs cruises on

Runner Up

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The Karnataka – Goa cluster (sans Bengaluru) of Tata Crucible was a wonderful event with contestants from Dharwad, Belgaum, Goa and Mangalore all battling for the honours. The quiz was brisk as quizmaster Pickbrain went about his task in a very business-like manner, as he would during the ground events.

The Finalists Were

  • Shoaib Syed | Adicent Designs
  • Ketan Kiran Naik | Vibgyor HR Solutions
  • Aditya | Titan Co Ltd
  • Ashish Nalavade | Adicent Designs
  • Yathin Rao | Astra Health Solution
  • Sachin S Sultanpure | Canara Bank

The quiz saw some interesting twists and turns more so with Ashish gaining and loosing points at regular intervals while his colleague Shoaib held his own, staying in the lead at all times. It was a huge moment for Yathin from Mangalore who was representing the region at this level for the first time to win the runner up title. While Shoaib won with no fuss in clinical style he would sure know the terrain in the semi-finals would be far more turbulent.

The guest of honour Mr. Jaikant Shroff, General Manager, Taj MG Road appreciated all the contestants and spoke eloquently of the need to find the strength and determination to tide over troubled times while planning for the future. He also struck a positive note with his view that the worst was behind us and the new year would bring back cheer and progress.