Bank of Baroda are Jaipur champs


Bank of Baroda Arvind Kedia and Abhimanyu Mathur

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Wabi Sabi Avinash Maurya and Aditya Sharma

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The historic city of Jaipur played a perfect host to an evening of quizzing where pickbrain started with brisk prelim. The prelim led to the top 6 teams in the final.


  • SBI: Komal B and Satendra Pal Singh
  • BPCL : Sumesh Nair and Kyati Rao
  • Bank of Baroda: Arvind Kedia and Abhimanyu Mathur
  • Handa Ka Shakti Kavya and Ravi Handa
  • Orito Plus: Awanish M and Harish B
  • Wabi Sabi: Avinash Maurya and Aditya Sharma

The final witnessed regulars such as Handa ka Funda and Wabi Sabi establish quick leads in the early rounds. The team from Bank of Baroda played extremely well and kept scoring at regular intervals.

While the other teams did make attempts to score, they were unable to maintain momentum. Soon it was a three-way battle that went down to the final questions of the quiz.

Handa ka Funda made a couple of mistakes that proved costly while Bank of Baroda and Wabisabi ended the quiz in a tie. The Bank of Baroda team clinched their maiden title to make it to the northern zonal.

The chief guest Mr. Varun Nigam, GM Jai Mahal Palace, spoke of the importance of knowledge and advised everyone to share knowledge. He said knowledge within a person is useful only to the self while sharing the same can change the world.