Corporate Quiz Results - Armed Forces dominate Chandigarh


Armed Forces Medical Services - Dr.Anuraksat Gupta and Dr.Bhattacharya


Infosys - Manu Chugh and Ashish Singh

Two doctors from the Armed Forces Medical Services dominated the Chandigarh final with outstanding answers setting a benchmark that would be tough for many to emulate in the years ahead at this city. The battle for the second place was a close one with Infosys prevailing towards the end.

The following teams make it to the final after the prelim


  • Infosys : Manu Chugh and Ashish Singh
  • Quadrant Televentures : Abhey Bharadwaj and Lokesh Bharadwaj
  • Armed Forces Medical Services : Dr.Anuraksat Gupta and Dr.Bhattacharya
  • Wipro : Rahat Khanna and Varun Bakshi
  • Bharat Petroleum : Nagesh Mittal and Nagendra Saini
  • Transfast PR : Sudeep Rawat and Rohit Jaswal

The final started with Infosys taking an early lead along with Quadrant and Transfast but it was a matter of a couple of rounds and the two doctors from the Armed Forces starting firing on all cylinders. From there on it really seemed like a battle for the second place as the doctors went from strength to strength leaving no room for anyone.

In the final rounds Transfast tried to push ahead but could not catch up with Infosys who played the last few questions with great maturity by not trying to chase the doctors and safeguarded the runner up title.

The real high point at the quiz seemed to be the number of questions to which people in the audience knew the answers reflecting on the growing base of business quizzing here. It was also wonderful to see school kids walk into a Crucible noted the quizmaster.

The guest of honour Mr.Anil Malhotra of Taj Hotels said “I am impressed with the depth, speed and abilities of these teams with respect to knowledge”.