Corporate Quiz Results - Accenture and TCS win Delhi

Over 500 people on a Sunday afternoon at a sprawling Taj ballroom is a setting that would get anyone excited. A tough prelim set the tone for the teams to gear up for a day of intense quizzing with ace quizmaster Pickbrain in complete command. The finalists were

Tata Track Finalists

  • TCS : Anurag Krishna and Debabratta Mallick
  • Tata Telecom : Gunajit and Navkender Singh
  • Tata AIG : Tejas and Aayush Sharma
  • TCS : Himanshu Kumar and Vineet Kumar
  • NDPL : Chandan Singh and Ashit Mehta
  • TCS : Vivek Gautam and Vipin Gopal

Non Tata Track Finalists

  • Ernst & Young : Rishab Banthia and Sminesh Varghese
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce : GVivek Mittal and Deepak Singh
  • ICICI BANK : Rajat Raizada and Ms.Neha Katiyal
  • GenPact : Ashish Shukla and Abhinav Kishore
  • Accenture : Rohan Khanna and Anish Raju
  • Godrej & Boyce : Varun Aggarwal and Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar

The Tata track of the quiz was a head to head battle between defending champion team TCS with Anurag Krishna and Debabratta Mallick and former champions NDPL Chandan Singh and Ashit Mehta. It went right down to the final question and NDPL in a rush of blood missed the final question as a consistent TCS made it to the national final again.

The non Tata track a quiz of ups and downs that began with Ernst and Young doing very well with GenPact in the early stages. A couple of good answers in the subsequent rounds brought Accenture also into the fight. The buzzers made it an exciting battle as the teams mixed aggression with caution. Accenture moved ahead at this stage and consolidated on that lead backing themselves on half chances as Ernst & Young and GenPact chose not to take too many chances. In the end E&Y had to settle for a credible runner up slot as a brave Accenture team went on the register an impressive win.

The high standards set by the teams certainly made everyone proud of the growing stature and quality of quizzing at Delhi. The chief guest Mr.Sunil Wadhwa, MD NDPL congratulated the teams for ‘being sharp and knowledgeable”. He also advised the young managers to ‘Channelise these sharp minds to produce greater solutions for the client and the society as large’.


Results(Tata Track)

  • WINNER: TCS – Anurag Krishna and Debabratta Mallick
  • RUNNER UP: NDPL – Chandan Singh and Ashit Mehta

Results(Non Tata Track)

  • WINNER: Accenture – Rohan Khanna and Anish Raju
  • RUNNER UP: Ernst & Young – Rishab Banthia and Sminesh Varghese