Kochi – Rajagiri make it from Kochi

Champions, Rajagiri Business School: Nidhin John and Melbin Abraham

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Runner Up, GEC Thrissur: Abhijeet Balakrishnan and Ashok S. Menon

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The Kochi edition of Tata Crucible was a battle between teams from all over the state, team coming in from Kottyam, Trivandrum, Kollam, Trissur and Palaghat. A fairly simple prelim and the teams were hoping they would be in the final.


  • COE Trivandrum: Bony Raju and Ananthu Ravi
  • GEC Thrissur: Amit Upadhyay and Bharath. R
  • GEC Thrissur: Abhijeet Balakrishnan and Ashok S. Menon
  • St.Thomas College Pala: Josvin Joy and Vineeth Johny
  • Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies: Nidhin John and Melbin Abraham
  • Rajagiri Business School: Stani Jude John and Firaz Ameer. K

The final unfolded with GEC Trissur taking early initiatives and getting onto to the score card with impressive answers. A quick set of rounds and they were on 30 looking really good.

As the buzzers came on the duo from Rajagiri (Nidhin and Melbin) started clawing their way into the final and in the round on lateral thinking get ahead of the rest only by a fraction though.

In the final rounds the other GEC team bounced back sharply to draw level with their college mates as the duo from Rajagiri marched on clinch the title and make it to the southern zonals.


  • WINNER : Rajagiri Business School – Nidhin John and Abraham John
  • RUNNER UP : GEC Thrissur – Abhijeeth and Ashok Menon