Guwahati – IIM Shillong top Guwahati

Champions, IIM Shillong : Debarun Majumdar and Rahul Gupta

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Runner Up, Tezpur University : Anubhav Joshi and Salik Borbora

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Over 150 teams and the stage was set for a big battle in the lovely North Eastern city of India, Guwahati. The beautiful campus making the setting even more serene as teams from across the state took part. The quiz pro Pickbrain did not show a shade of fatigue as his team and he had darted across the nation all night from Ahmedabad to reach here. After a 20 question prelim, the finalists were:


  • Assam Engineering College: Kalyan Lahkar and Nauman Ali
  • IIM Shillong: Vivekanand Tyagi and Agnitra Ghosh
  • Tezpur University: Anubhav Joshi and Salik Borbora
  • IIM Shillong: Debarun Majumdar and Rahul Gupta
  • IIT Guwahati: Aditya Prabhu and Himanshu Upreti
  • IIM Shillong: Mr. Shubhang Srivastava and Ms. Ajinkya Poundrik

The final of the quiz witnessed Assam Engineering get off to a quick start along with Tezpur University and the IIT Guwahati team. The IIM Shillong teams did not take too long to warm up as they narrowed in quickly as well.

It was in the round on lateral thinking that the IIM duo of Debarun and Rahul stormed past the others with three consecutive answers that impressed the audience and the seasoned quizmaster as well. In the final round the duo from Tezpur University bounced back with a thrilling 15 pointer and set a target for the IIM duo to crack. Holding their nerves in the final 60 seconds, the IIM team emerged victorious and moved into the Eastern Zonals.

The chief guest was Mr.Jitesh Khosla (IAS) Chief Secretary, Govt. Of Assam. He congratulated the teams and underlined how the youth equational advantage that India had would help these youngsters reach greater heights in life and their careers.


  • WINNER : IIM Shillong – Debarun Majumdar and Rahul Gupta
  • RUNNER UP : Tezpur University – Anubhav Joshi and Salik Borbora