Goa – Goa Medical defend title

Champions, Goa Medical College - Anant Lawande and Adish Talwadker

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Runner Up, BITS Pilani (Goa) - Rishabh Goel and Tejas Pandey

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The sprawling Goa campus of BITS Pilani played host to the 2013 edition of Tata Crucible. The campus was bustling with activity as students from as far as Belgaum and Gadag came in for the quiz. A well balanced prelim followed by a quick fire wild card led to the finale.

The finalists were:

  • Goa Inst. Of Mgmt: Nishadh Amonkar and Ameya Parsekar
  • Saraswat College: Roshan Kumar and Mayuresh Karpe
  • BITS Pilani (Goa): Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • BITS Pilani (Goa): Avinash Kothuri and Sohag Sen
  • Goa Medical College: Ananth Lawande and Adish Talwadker
  • BITS Pilani (Goa): Rishabh Goel and Tejas Pandey

The final was an absolutely riveting battle, both of wit and wisdom, as all teams scored early to stay in the fray. It seemed fairly even for the first few rounds after which three teams were battling with each other, GIM, Saraswat and GMC.

In the lateral thinking round, the BITS team of Rishabh and Tejas came up with some very good answers to power themselves into the reckoning even getting past GIM who were just behind GMC at the time. Saraswat College who till then had played flawlessly went for a few risks that did not pay off.

In the final round the aspiring doctors who were the defending champions, answered with great poise and accuracy to get themselves beyond the others and registered a comfortable win, while the BITS team locked horns with GIM for the runner up title. The final question resulted in the BITS team inching past a very worthy GIM. The Dean of BITS Pilani Goa campus, Prof. K.E.Raman, gave away the prizes in the presence of ace quizmaster Pickbrain who anchored the proceedings.


  • WINNER : Goa Medical College – Anant Lawande and Adish Talwadker
  • RUNNER UP : BITS Pilani (Goa) – Rishabh Goel and Tejas Pandey