Campus Quiz Results - Delhi – St. Stephen’s retain Delhi

Delhi – St. Stephen’s retain Delhi


St. Stephen's College - Apratim Chandra and Antony Paul

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Delhi – St. Stephen’s retain Delhi

Runner Up

Dyal Singh College - Akash Verma and Abhishek. P

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Over 600 students were part of the Delhi edition of the event. The hospitality and excellent cookies at the Taj Palace kept the teams cheerful as they took a tough prelim and awaited the results for the final. The six teams would made it were:


  • Dyal Singh College :Akash Verma and Abhishek P.
  • FMS :Sylvester and Amey
  • St. Stephen’s College :Apratim Chandra and Antony Paul
  • ICAI:Ms. Yoshita and Teo Thomas
  • Kirori Mal College :Ms. Ayushi and Udit Jain
  • IIFT :Ms. Madhuri and Ashish Mishra

The final started and saw a tight battle between all the teams. No one really seemed to dominate the final as it moved from one question to another. It was in short bursts that the defending champs from St. Stephan’s scored and moved ahead of the rest.

and that went on till the last set of questions. Even on the final question, they could have lost the quiz but managed to make it to the zonal. The duo from Dyal Singh College finished runner up.