Ahmedabad – Nirma Univ. shines at Ahmedabad


Inst of Mngt NIRMA UNIV - Arnav Singh and Abhinav Dhar

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Runner Up

IIM A - Mohammed Ameen and M. Sree Nihit

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The 14th game of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible was underway at Ahmedabad. A city known for the quality of the teams that play here, they sure lived up to their reputation for sure. The match had close to 250 people playing the prelim. The prelim was sure a testing to the top 10 teams.

Super Over

  • MICA :Aditya Batra and Snehashis Panda
  • NIRMA UNIV :Rishi Jain and Chirag P
  • IIM A :Mukilan A and Rajat Dutta
  • BJ Medical :Prem Thilak and Rahul N
  • NIRMA UNIV :Bharg Mankodi and Rishabh P
  • GNLU :Abhinaba Sarkar and Anand Kumar

The super over saw four teams tied leading to a sudden death, where one team from IIM-A and another from Nirma Univ qualified into the final


  • Inst of Mngt NIRMA UNIV :Arnav Singh and Abhinav Dhar
  • IIM A :Mohammed Ameen and M. Sree Nihit
  • GNLU :Jalaj Maheshwari and Vikas Thakur
  • PDPU :Farhan and Sachit
  • Inst of Tech NIRMA UNIV :Bharg Mankodi and Rishabh Barodawala
  • IIM A :Mukilan A and Rajat Dutta

The final hosted by prolific quizmaster, Pickbrain was swift and tense. In the early overs, it was the IIM-A team that went ahead with the law school team right behind. As the quiz progressed the team from Inst. Of Management Nirma University, started playing big hits with huge sixes and notched up 30 quick runs.

The IIM-A team and GNLU were in no mood to give in as they clawed their way back. The PDPU team was also impressive but could hit a rhythm and score beyond the odd hits. It was a three-way fare that went down the wire, GNLU losing out first taking a negative while IIM-A kept the battle on to the final question, where they miss-fired leading to Nirma University registering a famous win.

Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University, summed up the event beautifully with an Urdu couplet that urged students to explore a world beyond their classrooms.