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Bangalore – IAME and TCS conquer South Zonals


Mahantesh and Prasad Shetty

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Bangalore – IAME and TCS conquer South Zonals


Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik

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“It is easily the toughest zonal for the year” thundered quizmaster Pickbrain as he introduced the six south city champions in his inimitable style. True to his words the finale was a cliff-hanger that went down to the final question with teams battling hard against a volley of questions that seemed craftily chosen for the occasion.


  • Federal Bank: Midhun V Z and Ramees Saleem
  • Chennai Silks: Arul Sarvanan and Yogesh Pai
  • TCS: Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik
  • Malayala Manorama: Arun Thomas and Nitin Suresh
  • Sai Mitra Constructions: Naveen Kumar and Phani Mahesh
  • IAME: Mahantesh and Prasad Shetty

The zonal was a complete battle of nerves with teams not giving an inch away. The IAME du started early and established a quick lead as did TCS who joined them soon. As questions kept flowing the Sai Mitra team came up with some truly spectacular answers at lightning speeds making one feel they were sure to go through to the national level.
The next couple of questions saw Chennai Silks inch forward and get closer to these teams. Just then a silly mistake pushed Sai Mitra back and IAME capitalised on the next set of posers to get ahead of the rest while TCS and Sai Mitra were locked in a battle on the same score.
IAME also played sensibly from here on as they figured it would be impossible for them to be pushed to the third place. It went to the final question where Sai Mitra took a chance and narrowly missed a right answer with the quizmaster even giving them a second chance to improve their version of the answer allowing TCS to march into the national finale. The guest of honour, Mr.Madhukar Dev, CEO and MD, Tata Elxsi said “I wish I was born a decades later so I could have been part of a more sharper generation” appreciating the excellent display of knowledge by the teams.