Campus Quiz Results - Rohtak – BITS Pilani sweep Rohtak

Rohtak – BITS Pilani sweep Rohtak

Champions, BITS Pilani: Navdeep and Anurag

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Rohtak – BITS Pilani sweep Rohtak

Runner Up, BITS Pilani: Aditya and Sreejan Shandilya

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Young, Prepared and Fearless were the teams from BITS Pilani as they took on some of the more fancied teams at a business quiz which may not necessarily be their natural terrain as students of Engineering. The prelim was interesting, the results dominated by three institutes, IIM-Rohtak, IMT-G and BITS Pilani.

The finalists were:

  • UIET: Ravi Hooda & Deep Shaumik
  • IIM Rohtak: Anand and Nanjappa
  • BITS Pilani: Aditya and Sreejan Shandilya
  • IIM Rohtak: Mandeep and Pushpendra
  • IMT-G: Leo Thomas and Sandeepan
  • BITS Pilani: Navdeep and Anurag

The final was a crisp affair, starting with IIM-R getting into a quick lead before IMT-G and BITS (Navdeep and Anurag) scored a few quick ones to get off to a decent start. The first of the buzzer rounds that came into play was on the Tata Group. BITS (Aditya and Sreejan) seemed well prepared on this round that they cracked question after question impressing many in the audience.

The next round on lateral thinking saw BITS (Navdeep and Anurag) simply bulldoze their way and get some really tough posers right to get to a comfortable lead. The final rounds looked like a battle between, IIM, IMT and BITS. Navndeep and Anurag would not get cowed down as they went for leather cementing their place with an emphatic victory.

As the final rounds were done, BITS and IMT-G were tied for the second spot which the former won with a quick answer. The guest of honour Dr. Rameshan, Director IIM-Rohtak, urged the youngsters to ‘Never Give Up’ and to always ‘Go for it’ . It sure was reflected in ample measure by two young teams from BITS Pilani.


  • WINNER : BITS Pilani – Navdeep and Anurag
  • RUNNER UP : BITS Pilani – Aditya and Sreejan Shandilya