Campus Quiz Results - Raipur – IIMs record score at Raipur

Raipur – IIMs record score at Raipur


IIM Raipur - Jasojeet and Suhas

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Raipur – IIMs record score at Raipur

Runner Up

NIT Raipur - Vipul Jain and Vaibhav Chopra

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Raipur witnessed over 300 participants from neighbouring cities and the capital as part of this year’s quiz. A quick and crisp prelim by India’s only professional woman quiz host, Ms. Rashmi Furtado led to the finalists.


  • NIT Raipur :Vipul Jain and Vaibhav Chopra
  • IIM Raipur :Jasojeet and Suhas
  • IIT Raipur :Abhilash Pani and Md.Shabad
  • GEC Raipur :Palash Dubey and Nilmani.C
  • NIT Raipur :Sachin Sahu and Shubham Singh
  • NIT Raipur :Ms. Akansha Nigam and Ms. Yash Shukla

The finale started with Pickbrain explaining the rules and format before unravelling his questions. From the very first question it was IIM in command, the quizmaster even drawing reference to Gayle from the cricket arena for the way they burst into the lead.

Nothing seemed to stop them as they powered their way to 1500 crubits, a record score across India, this being the 13th city of the 38 the quiz visits. It took a long while for the other teams to get their grip and eventually it was NIT with Vipul and Vaibhav that managed to finish runner-up.

The guest of honour Prof. Sahu, Principal, GEC graced the occasion and gave away the prizes to the top teams.