Campus Quiz Results - Patna – BHU top Patna debut

Patna – BHU top Patna debut

Champions, ITBHU: Aviral Srivastava and Bitan

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Patna – BHU top Patna debut

Runner Up, IIT Patna: Joji Augustine and Kiran Kannan

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“It is wonderful to see the Tata’s include Bihar into the Tata Crucible line up. It is an intellectual event and it is important for cities like these to gain exposure and perform at the national and international level” commented the guest of honour Prof.Dutt summarizing the first ever campus Crucible at Patna while appreciating the finalists for being sharp and well informed.

Earlier in the afternoon, the quizmaster Pickbrain took the 101 teams through their first ever prelim from which the following teams made it to the final:

The finalists were:

  • BIT Mersa Patna Campus: Raunak Singh and Kshitij
  • ITBHU: Aviral Srivastava and Bitan
  • IIT Patna: Joji Augustine and Kiran Kannan
  • Chandragupta Inst of Mgmt: Mukul Kumar and Ayush Kumar
  • ITBHU: Bharat Kumar and Piyush R
  • BIT Mersa Patna Campus: Mrityunjay and Utsav

The final was extremely interesting with not just the teams but the audience as well enjoying the lovely questions and the answers from a wide range of subjects. All the teams looked good initially as Pickbrain went about his task in a clinical manner like a surgeon dissecting the knowledge capabilities of the teams.

The quiz started to change gear as the buzzers came into play and the BHU duo of Aviral Srivastava and Bitan started accelerating and getting away from the others in a manner that there was no way for anyone else to challenge them. As the final rounds came about three teams were locked for the runner up title – the other BHU team, BIT Mesra and IIT, with IIT proving to be quick on the buzzer and clinching the runner up title.

The guest of honour was well known academician and scholar Prof. Shankar Dutt. He gave away the prizes and also appreciated the quizmaster for shaping such a wonderful quiz through the years.


  • WINNER : ITBHU – Aviral Srivastava and Bitan
  • RUNNER UP : IIT Patna – Joji Augustine and Kiran Kannan