Campus Quiz Results - Mumbai – TISS tops Mumbai tussle

It just does not get bigger than this observed quizmaster Pickbrain as the beautiful Taj Lands End was looking bright with youngsters from across campuses in the city. The prelim was tough, crisp and led to the final six.

  • IIT Bombay: Rishabh Bohara and Parantap Singh
  • SM Shetty Powai: Viraj Morabia and Ms.Kinnari Ganatra
  • KJ Somaiya: Gaurav Dutta and Trimurti Gupta
  • TISS: Sandeep Banga and Sachin Deshpande
  • VJTI: Sankalp Gupta and Tanmei Kamath
  • HR College: Rudhreshwar and Eshaan Lazarus

As the finale commenced KJ Somaiya got off to an early start with very good answers while TISS joined them in the next round with multiple strikes on the buzzer.

The duo from HR College showed sparks of brilliance in bursts but could not sustain the momentum. In the mean time the young team from SM Shetty also started pushing the buzzer and closed in on KJ Somaiya while the TISS team gained in strength and looked comfortable to win.

On the final question, SM Shetty clinched the runner up position with a 15 pointer while TISS marched into the western zonals.


  • WINNER : TISS – Sandeep Banga and Sachin Deshpande
  • RUNNER UP : SM Shetty Powai – Viraj Morabia and Ms.Kinnari Ganatra