Campus Quiz Results - Jammu – SMVDU clinch Jammu title

Jammu – SMVDU clinch Jammu title


SMVDU - Varun Gupta and Vaibhav

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Jammu – SMVDU clinch Jammu title

Runner Up

Govt. Medical College - Chirdeep and Sunil Kumar

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An unusually warm March afternoon at Jammu, seemed even warmer with the large number of teams at the city edition of the quiz. The quiz prelim was hosted by the young and energetic Ms. Rashmi Furtado, who had to manage the huge crowds seated in every possible space that was visible. The finalists who made it were:


  • The Business School (TBS) :Ms. Niharika and Digvijay Singh
  • Yoganand Col. Of Engg :Himanshu and Raghav
  • M. A. M. College :Vijay Deol and Superdil Gazi
  • Govt. Medical College :Chirdeep and Sunil Kumar
  • SMVDU :Varun Gupta and Vaibhav
  • The Business School (TBS) :Ms. Palvi Gupta and Nikhil Sharma

The final began with quizmaster Pickbrain taking charge. It was a unique experience for the huge audience. Teams cracked posers that seemed difficult with great ease. The wit of the quizmaster stood out as he took the audience with him cracking timely one liners and crafty retorts to teams that kept all in good stead.

The quiz looked tight for a brief bit, but in quick time it was three teams that were battling with each other, the aspiring doctors, the SMVDU duo and Palvi, Nikhil from TBS. The TBS team did very well but did not play higher values on their right answers and that affected the outcome for them.

The doctors did very well, even getting past SMVDU on a couple of occasions, but the latter came back strongly to win the title in the final phase. The aspiring doctors finished a very credible runner up while SMVDU will now represent Jammu in the zonal.

The guest of honour, Dr. Hemla Agarwal, Principal, GWC Jammu, spoke on the importance of learning outside the classrooms as well and thanked the Tata’s for providing students such platforms of learning.