Campus Quiz Results - Hyderabad – Gen Next takes over Hyd

Hyderabad – Gen Next takes over Hyd

Champions, AVCBM: Naresh Kumar and Muneer Ali

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Hyderabad – Gen Next takes over Hyd

Runner Up, Bhavan's Vivekananda Degree College: Mohan Lal Choudhary and Sriraj R

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Over 150 teams on a Sunday afternoon at Hyderabad with school kids having board exams, also present in the audience, was a strong reflection on the popularity of the quiz in this city. A parent who came with his class 12 boy aptly put it “It is a good way to unwind for my boy”. It in many ways set the tone for a young brigade that left its mark on the Hyderabad final this year.

A high standard of prelim and a lot of tie breakers led to the final six teams:

  • Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree College: Mohan Lal Choudhary and Sriraj R
  • ISB: Ashwin Pingali and Deepak Chintale
  • MVSR: Sainath Reddy and Tarang Kulkarni
  • St. Francis College: Ms. Harshita Goel and Ms. Shravani K
  • AVCBM: Naresh Kumar and Muneer Ali
  • Hyderabad Business School: Raghuram and Trinadh BN

The final started on an even note with all teams scoring the first couple of rounds. As the quiz progressed the duo from AVCBM raced ahead and looked like they would romp home to a huge win. However, in the rounds that followed they seemed to be a lot more cautious with perhaps a possible win playing on their minds as they allowed the other teams to claw their way back.

While ISB was always in the hunt, it was Bhavans with two youngsters still in their first year of graduation who stunned the crowd with some remarkable answers and quick thinking. MVSR and the girls from St. Francis did well in bursts but could not sustain the momentum on the buzzers. With two rounds to go the quiz was interestingly poised with the young Bhavans duo actually in the lead but at that stage AVCBM began to push the buzzers again and moved ahead to lead into the final round.

The final round was tense but AVCBM held their own and secured a zonal slot while the young duo from Bhavans managed to get the better of ISB to finish a very credible second. Commenting on the winners who had waited four years to win, Pickbrain said “They just don’t get perturbed by not winning, so it won’t surprise me if they go the distance from the zonals”. Mr. Rajanna, the head of TCS Hyderabad said “Quizzing and Crucible are great platforms for learning and I am glad to see these youngsters being so sharp” before giving away the prizes.


  • WINNER : AVCBM – Naresh Kumar and Muneer Ali
  • RUNNER UP : Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree College – Mohan Lal Choudhary and Sriraj R