Campus Quiz Results - Jaipur – NLU Jodhpur win Rajasthan

The pink city played host to a colourful Crucible that had teams from all over the state of Rajasthan taking part. The prelim was tricky but well managed by the 100 plus teams that took part. The finalists were:


  • MBM Engineering Jodhpur: Abhishek Gupta and Akash Sharma
  • FMS IRM Jaipur: Anubhav Jain and Monik Sharma
  • Rajasthan Univ Jaipur: Vishu Joshi and Dushyant Singh
  • LNMIIT Jaipur: Mrinal Sharma and Annanya
  • NLU Jodhpur: Sanjay Krishna and Shashank
  • LNMIIT Jaipur: Yatendra and Himanshu Chopra

The early rounds of the quiz were interesting with the duo from Rajasthan University surging to a lead and seeming like clinching the battle soon. However as the quiz moved into the buzzer rounds the duo from NLU Jodhpur started clawing their way back into the final with good answers.

While it seemed like a two team battle the duo from FMS IRM cracked some tough posers successively to make a superb come back and drew level with the top teams. It all came down to the final question of the quiz where the NLU team clinched the title and left the remaining two teams to battle a tie break.

The duo from Rajasthan University got the better of FMS IRM and won Rs.50,000/- for their efforts.

The guest of honour Mr.Madhukar Gupta, the Special Commissioner Jaipur, advised the teams to “convert knowledge into wisdom” and power their success stories.


  • WINNER : NLU Jodhpur – Sanjay Krishna and Shashank
  • RUNNER UP : Rajasthan University Jaipur – Vishu Joshi and Dushyant Singh