Misfits Media and Delloite win North Zonals

WINNER: Misfits Media (Inc 42)

Ankan Das and Sreshth Shah

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RUNNER UP: Deloitte

Rohan Khanna and Karun Sethi

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The northern zonal interface between the seven champions of the region was a battle many looked forward to. It featured a few new teams and some of them, former champions.


  • Deloitte : Rohan Khanna and Karun Sethi
  • BHEL Bhopal: Debasish Mandal and Vivek Pathak
  • Ernst and Young : Prasenjit and Shashank Singh
  • Misfits Media(Inc 42): Ankan Das and Sreshth Shah
  • Fresh Bite : Shantanu and Akul Tandon
  • HCL : Sukhwinder Singh and Somnath Sen
  • Taj Group of Hotels : Saptarshi Das and Shakti. K

The final was an absorbing battle for the first phase with all teams scoring well. While teams cracked posers with great ease, they failed to back themselves to high values on the answers.

The quiz moved at a rapid pace with Deloitte and Misfits Media doing well to get ahead. The two teams stayed clear of the others consistently. The other teams that looked good in bursts, included BHEL and E&Y. The latter scored over 225 but lost in near equal measure to lose out.

The two top teams made it to the national finale of the quiz. It was interesting that Deloitte comprised of a person who has made it to the national final consistently for a decade.

On the other-hand the Misfits duo featured a young campus Crucible champion from the present year. It reflected beautifully on how the young and the experienced blend well, together in a new and emerging India.