Barclays win tight Delhi battle
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Rohan Khanna and Yashwardhan Singh Chauhan


Tree of Knowledge
Kunal Malhotra and Bhaskar Jyoti Dey

The beautiful Vivanta Dwarka played host to the Delhi round of Tata Crucible. The prelim was a notch higher than the other cities given that the region is known for its outstanding teams. The contest had fewer teams than the usual owing to the festive weekend, but that made the contest even more intense as all the serious teams were in the fray.

  • NTPC: Amit Kumar and Anshuman
  • Barclays: Rohan Khanna and Yashwardhan Singh Chauhan
  • Tree of Knowledge: Kunal Malhotra and Bhaskar Jyoti Dey
  • TOI: Kenneth and Udayan
  • HDFC Bank: Md. Samir and Harmeet Kaur
  • Standard Chartered: Madhu and Gaurav
The final was an extremely tense close battle with teams from the Tree of Knowledge, NTPC and HDFC making initial headway. It took a while before Barclays got into the act and cracked some difficult posers to get into the lead. The teams from Times of India and Standard Chartered also tried but could not find the right form.

All the teams did their best as Barclays held onto their lead and made it to the northern zonal as the Delhi champion. The duo from Tree of knowledge rallied well towards the end to finish runner-up.

The guest of honour Mr. Nayan Seth, General Manager, TAJ Palace Delhi, gave away the prizes.