NUALS Debut Win at Kochi
indore Winners 2016            indore Runners 2016

Stephen A and Jitesh V


Shubham and Saurav Sinha

Kochi has always been a wonderful city for Tata Crucible. It was no different this year with over 250 students eagerly waiting for the quiz to start. The prelim hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado was snappy, difficult compared to the other cities and peppered with a lot of questions from Kerala. The teams that made it to the next round for as follows:

Wild Card
  • Cochin University :Shubham Jha and Sourav Sinha
  • SCMS School of Business :Ms. Aiswarya and Ms. Swati M
  • NUALS :Aswin P and Praneeth B
  • SCMS School of Engineering :Md. Aquib and Aswin Varma
  • GEC Thrissur :Navaneeth K and Emil Titus
  • NUALS :Steven A and Jitesh V
  • CUSAT :Rithwik and Harry Joy
  • CUSAT :Shubham and Saurav Sinha
  • MACE :Felix P and Joseph Ben
  • St Thomas College :Albin Binoy and Shelvin Jacob
  • GEC Thrissur :Navaneet and Emil Titus
  • NUALS :Stephen A and Jitesh V
Pickbrain took charge as the finals unfolded, all teams playing a cautious game, either getting or missing the questions that he posed. This kept the audience at the edge of the seats as nobody seemed to make clear headway.

The scenario remained the same until the final question of the quiz, where multiple teams were tied on the same score. Eventually, on a tiebreaker the NUALS duo won the quiz with CUSAT finishing a credible runner up.

Dr. Radha Thevanur, Group Director, SCMS Group of Institutions advised the teams on the importance of learning beyond the classrooms. She also beautifully quipped that in this modern world to even be where you are today and remain there tomorrow, you need to be better prepared.