RAIT win Navi Mumbai thriller

Over 100 teams and the Navi Mumbai audience were all set for their edition of the quiz. Quizmaster Pickbrain had an interesting mix of questions for the prelim. After the prelim the following six made it to the final.

  • ITM :Ms. Sana and Prasanjit Pandey
  • RAIT :Saurabh Jain and Anit Basu Thakur
  • IIM (I) Navi Mumbai : Ms. Shagun and Ayush Agarwal
  • ITM :Rajinish and Sarthak
  • DMCE :Sagar and Kshitij
  • IIM (I) Navi Mumbai :Prashanth and Nidheesh
navimumbai  Winners 2017

Champions, RAIT - Jain and Anit Basu Thakur

The final was absolutely riveting. Team exchanged lead positions right through the quiz making it an edge of the seat entertainer. The IIM teams faltered by not maximising the value of their answer and that cost them the title.

While DMCE were also in the hunt it was the duo from RAIT that gained consistent traction to get the better of the IIM's and DMCE to win the title in the final segment of the game. The IIM team of Prashanth and Nidheesh held on to win the runner up prize.

The guest of honour, Dr. Lakshmi Mohan, Campus Head of ITM Kharghar, appreciated all the teams including those in the audience and spoke of the importance of staying grounded and digging deep when the winds of change blow.

navimumbai Runners 2017

Runner Up, IIM (I) Navi Mumbai - Prashanth and Nidheesh

  • WINNER : RAIT - Saurabh Jain and Anit Basu Thakur
  • RUNNER UP : IIM (I) Navi Mumbai - Prashanth and Nidheesh