ICAI win Kolkata thriller

The city of Kolkata drew teams from Durgapur, Kharagpur and other locations, and over 200 students took part at the Gateway here. The prelim was difficult, but along expected lines for a Kolkata audience, as teams still scored well. The final six were:

  • JD Birla Inst of Managent :Vishnu Khanna and Shubham Jindal
  • National Univ. Juridical Sciences (NUJS) :Venkatesh and Abhinav
  • ICAI :Rishab Jain and Shubham Agarwal
  • College of Engineering & Tech (COET):Baibaswata Jena and Sailesh Mishra
  • St. Xavie's :Armaan and Abhigyan
  • Heritage Inst. of Tech :Prateen and Indrayudh Ghosh
jaipur  Winners 2017

Champions, ICAI - Rishab Jain and Shubham Agarwal

The final saw the NUJS duo get off to a quick start along with COET. As these teams progressed the St. Xavier's and ICAI team got into the act and it was a huddle that moved forward throughout the quiz.

The battle was a tight one with teams realising they had to take their chances but the fear of losing out kept them in check. It went down to the final few questions where the NUJS and the College of Engineering team were tied for the top spot with one question to go. Both teams chose to play safe and did not push for the bonus questions.

On the final question with nothing to lose, the ICAI team came back with a brilliant answer and then forced a bonus, got it right and won a memorable finale, akin to a T20 game. The College of Engineering team won the runner up title on a tie-breaker.

The guest of honour, was Mr. Vinaya Verma, CEO mjunction, who applauded the performance of the teams and gave away the prizes.

nagpur Runners 2017

Runner Up, College of Engineering & Tech - Baibaswata Jena and Sailesh Mishra

  • WINNER : ICAI - Rishab Jain and Shubham Agarwal
  • RUNNER UP : College of Engineering & Tech - Baibaswata Jena and Sailesh Mishra