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Champions 2015

City Winners Runners
South Zonal East Zonal Winners 2015
National Law School Bangalore Jayadev and Parth Singh
East Zonal Runners 2015
Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad Syed Mustafa and Syed Murtuza
North Zonal South Zonal Winners 2015
Amity University Noida - Sresth Shah and Abhimanyu
South Zonal Runners 2015
Ashoka University, Gurgaon - Mukund and Mayukh
East Zonal West Zonal Winners 2015
NIT Rourkela - Nishanth and Wasim
West Zonal Runners 2015
IIFT Kolkata - Viraj and Vishwajeet.
West Zonal North Zonal Winners 2015
NLU Jodhpur - Sanjay and Rajendra
North Zonal Runners 2015
SEMCOM, Anand - Bhushan Patel and Stanny Davis.