About Tata Crucible

'Tata Crucible - The Business Quiz' seeks to bring together sharpest young corporate minds in India to take on the heat of the toughest business quiz in India. Youth is a key audience cluster which the Tata Group is focusing its communication at and Tata Crucible is one of the key initiatives towards this engagement.

Tata Crucible was started as a key initiative in 2004, a year which was christened as the 'Century of Trust' year to commemorate the death centenary of the Founder of the Group - J.N. Tata and the birth centenaries of two of its illustrious leaders - J.R.D. Tata and Naval H. Tata. It generated huge response as a high quality business quiz in the very first year and has now become an annual event. In a commissioned research Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has been judged highest rated ground quiz by the students of participating colleges.

For the first ten years, the Tata Crucible Quiz was held in 3 parts. Two back to back tracks - separately for Tata corporates and Non-Tata corporates, followed by National Finals. The third track is held for Campus students each year also followed by a National Final.Thirteen editions of Crucible corporate version and Twelve editions of the Crucible Campus version have been held so far to enthusiastic response.

As the quiz enters in it's 13th year now, the quiz is held in 2 parts annually. Corporate edition, where all corporate houses ie: Tata and non Tata will take part together and the second part would be held for Campus edition for students across India. Both the corporate and campus editions will have respective national finals after the city and zonal rounds.

Why the name Crucible?